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Nowadays, it is impossible to promote your business without using the web. And this is true regardless of the type of products and services offered, and the sector of activity. The world of dental health is no exception: in order to stand out in this competitive world, you have to know how to make your mark on the Internet. To do so, it is necessary to use the right strategies and tools, which are not available to everyone. With this in mind, at the Clinique dentaire Jean-Pierre Tabah, we decided to take advantage of the web marketing expertise of the professionals at Virus Santé Communication.

Experts in web marketing and the healthcare field

Established since 2014, the Quebec agency specializes in web marketing and communication applied to the vast field of healthcare. By working with various players in the field, the team has developed a thorough knowledge of their practice environment. Its members have acquired a familiarity with the challenges faced by companies providing health care (general or dental), veterinary care or professional services. This allows them to put their mastery of web communication tools at the service of this particular clientele.

For short and long term results

The services offered by the agency are results-oriented: they aim at a tangible improvement of their clients’ communication efficiency. In the short term, web communications should attract the desired audience more easily. If they correctly reach the target and are really effective, this audience will turn into a clientele that will become loyal in the long term.

For a website that is well positioned

The website is the communication tool par excellence. It is a good way to make the company known while presenting the personnel, the values, the practical information and the services offered. However, this information must first reach the target. For that, the site must be positioned advantageously on the search engines. That’s why, when producing a website, it must not only be attractive, but also efficient. The original content (texts, design) proposed by the specialists at Virus Santé Communications is created following proven SEO rules (SEO) and techniques.

 Dr. Tabah’s thanks

I would like to thank the Virus Santé Communications team. I am very satisfied with the work done on my website. These experts were able to understand my needs and vision and reflect them in the content produced. And this, thanks to their listening skills and their great knowledge of communication and web marketing tools!


Virus Sante Communication