Technology - Steritraces

For many years, dental clinics have been subject to strict asepsis rules. Indeed, hygiene and equipment sterilization are an integral part of the dental team’s role, since they are directly related to patient health. To ensure extremely close monitoring of our asepsis protocols in the clinic, we recently acquired the Steritraces technology.

Find out more about this software that allows for rigorous monitoring and ensures standardization of sterilization protocols in the clinic. Dr. Tabah and his team are proud to use this technology for the safety of their patients during each procedure.

Why use Streritraces?

During dental clinic procedures, the instruments used by the dentist and the team not only come into contact with the patient’s saliva, but also with other body fluids such as blood. It therefore goes without saying that sterilization standards must be high and sufficiently well controlled. This is essential to prevent the transmission of viruses and pathogens between patients. In this sense, dental professionals are subject to strict rules and asepsis processes are strongly supervised.

With the Steritraces software, the instruments used by the dental team during your visits are digitized. Information on sterilization cycles and tests to ensure their effectiveness are compiled and added to your dental record. In addition, each sterilization cycle is validated individually. For our patients, the use of Steritraces software limits any risk of contamination by poorly sterilized instruments.

For sterilization standards that exceed those of the industry

By using Steritraces, we exceed the current standards for sterilization, since the cycles are controlled individually, rather than periodically as required. We are thus able to prove to the authorities that our protocols respect the standards in effect at all times.

In summary, Steritraces is a technology that allows to :

  • Prevent the risk of contamination by poorly sterilized instruments;
  • Ensure real-time monitoring of the effectiveness of sterilization protocols in clinics;
  • Keep data related to sterilization in each patient’s file to ensure rigorous control.